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End-to-end AST automation

From scanning to ticketing 

DevOps' promise to deliver better software, faster, creates a new security challenge. With frequently changing code, attack surfaces and risk profiles change just as quickly—making security a critical concern for DevOps initiatives.

Introducing CxFlow

Checkmarx’s CxFlow is an orchestration layer that simplifies the implementation and automation of application security testing (AST) in modern development and DevOps environments. 

Frictionless automation and adoption is achieved since security testing is tightly integrated with DevOps tools, and security results are delivered as an integral part of the developer workflow. 

Eliminate time-consuming manual configuration with event-based scanning

CxFlow leverages Checkmarx’s unique ability to scan uncompiled code, enabling security scans to be automatically triggered upon a pull/merge request in code management tools as well as upon a build in the CI server. 

The result: No more friction between security, development, and DevOps.

Never leave your development ecosystem with integrated vulnerability findings 

With CxFlow, developers can consume security findings from the pull/merge request comments, and tickets are automatically opened and closed in the existing bug tracking system upon scanning and remediation. 

The result: Developers never have to leave their continuous integration or continuous deployment toolchain environments.

Supported DevOps tools

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