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About Us: Checkmarx develops Static Code Analysis (SCA) solutions which enable organizations to introduce security into their Software
Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The automated scanning technology enables developers and auditors to easily scan uncompiled / unbuilt
code in all major coding languages and systematically eliminate software risk.

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Checkmarx PHP Source Code
Tool Allows You To:

Find the best fix locations
in your code - optimize your
remediation efforts

Easily analyze PHP source code & find your security vulnerabilities.

Learn how each vulnerability
should be fixed - get detailed
remediation advice

Run the scan on-premise
or on-demand

Identify the vulnerable
lines of code and type of
vulnerability they contain

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Using Checkmarx is easier than older tools. Important - you do not need
to integrate it into your build process, just throw source code at it.

Vitaly Osipov - Information Security Expert - Atlassian

Checkmarx’s technology is highly accurate and easy to use. It offers
great performance and the ability to scan incomplete code samples.
It was agile enough to support specific requests we had for our secure
SDLC and was the most sensible decision commercially

Yair Rovek - Security Specialist - LivePerson selected Checkmarx’s next generation static code
analysis tool as the official Security Source Code Scanner.
With over a billion LoC scanned to date, Checkmarx ensures all
AppExchange applications are secured to the highest standards.

Checkmarx is loved by both our inosec team and our developers. It is
easy to use and provides highly accurate results combined with the
flexibility we need to enforce our application security policy.

Kobi Lechner - Information Security Manager - Playtech

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